La Chatte Gitane (or The Gypsy Cat) was the name we chose for our cottage in France at the time. We chose it while on the road, moving house the first time round, from Ireland to France with 2 dogs and 7 cats in the car.
This blog began its insignificant life as a recipe book for friends and family who would ask me repeatedly for a recipe of this, that and the other.
Since then it has taken many different directions, like we did and like gypsies tend to do. Sometimes making a U-turn and revisiting familiar roads and taking a break when necessary.
You'll find recipes here, but also musings about the places we've called home, the gardens that we've established, not always successfully, the homes we've improved and the environments we've lived in. Currently, after yet another stint in Ireland, we're back in France @ Le Mas d'Ayen

Saturday, September 26, 2015

What Was I Thinking ?

At 6.30pm on a Thursday ?
I was thinking I need to make a serious dent in the amount of eggs we have. Urgently.
Pancakes !
I quadrupled my usual recipe and added a few more eggs for good measure. An hour and a half later and 20 eggs less in the pantry I had baked 64 pancakes.

I did give myself a little fright when I saw the amount of batter in my bowl, wondering if and how I was going to get through it before my bed would call me.
Two pans !
Once the pans get to a certain temperature, making pancakes is a doddle really and I can't even remember when I last had to eat the manky first one.
I do use plenty of sunflower oil each time, say 1 tablespoon, it makes for a nice moist pancake. Nothing worse than eating a rubbery dry sponge, in my opinion.
You need a nice golden colour on the first side before flipping it over.  I don't toss. I use a spatula. Can't be arsed to peel pancake of the ceiling or floor and tossing cools off the pan too much.
The last side only needs 15 seconds at the most.

The ingredients list can be found here , I just added one egg extra per 250 grams of flour.

Not feeling up to inviting the village for a pancake fête, the lot (bar a few, of course) was wrapped and put in the freezer.
The thing is, right, I can't keep up with the chickens. They lay more eggs than I can use and eat. And no one wants any, not even for free !  Best get delving for recipes that use lots and lots of eggs, eh.

Patricia xxx...x


  1. OMG ... 64 pancakes is A Lot!
    I'm always happy when my neighbour brings me eggs from her chickens.
    You could make a meringue the size of a baking tray ... that's at least 20 eggs (whites).

    1. I'm pretty sure people would be happy if 'I bring' them eggs. But they won't come and 'get them here', if you know what I mean. I don't blame them, have you seen our road lately ? ;-)
      With 20 egg whites I can make a meringue the size of the house (or almost). That could turn out to be a great village meringue fête ! Lol.
      Think I'l bring some lemons from the shops and start on some lemon curd too. Quiche, can't go wrong with quiche.

  2. They look very neat pancakes. Much neater than when I make them! It's a shame you can't freeze eggs....

    1. Oh, you can freeze eggs. It's just the 2 chest freezers are still rather full with pork and....pancakes. And there are still 2 pigs waiting in the wings...

  3. Hehe, you're absolutely right. What was I thinking ... 20 egg whites! I think I need 7 or so for a full baking tray and a meringue 2 cm high.
    Quiche is always good, as are galettes de sarrasin, or frittata. Getting hungry ...


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