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Monday, December 09, 2013

Missing from my diet right now...Celeriac and Chicory

I am pining for these 2 winter veg, it's almost unreal.
I know, I know.  We should preferably eat foods that are locally produced, but I bet we all eat oranges and bananas from time to time. And quite frankly my IBS needs a break from cabbages and turnips.
I can understand that the growing of chicory is a tricky one here in Ireland. But celeriac ?
I can remember the last time we lived here and a large Tesco supermarket opened in Killarney (somewhere in the late 90's), they had 1 (one) celeriac and it was displayed in the 'exotic' fruit and veg section. Needles to say that I immediately bought that specimen. Afterwards I don't think I ever saw celeriac again in any of the supermarkets.
That is till we came back and a Lidl supermarket had in the meantime opened in Kenmare.  About 2 months ago they had celeriac in stock ! Yipee ! ..... Once !
It's time I start thinking about my veg pad to be and grow some myself.

You want recipes for this delectable veg ? Here are some.
Celeriac and Smoked Salmon

Celeriac Mash

Fondant of Celeriac

Chestnut Soup

I have always known chicory to be available in Kenmare SuperValue,  2 pieces on a Styrofoam tray. Imported from The Netherlands and hydro-cultivated.  That is not how us Belgians like ours.  We love to eat them in the depth of winter, grown in soil. And we buy them with kilos at a time. 
While a chicory salad is great, we also like them braised in a bit of butter with nutmeg, black pepper and some salt. Nothing more comforting than tucking into a plate of that.
Braised chunks of chicory also do well in a quiche with some blue cheese. It makes for a tasty and creamy soup with potatoes added and finished of with fried off smoked lardons or even brown shrimp.
My favorite recipe though is the following Belgian delight. Braised heads of chicory, wrapped in cooked ham slices, covered in a cheese sauce and topped with grated cheese.  In the oven till it bubbles golden.
chicory recipe

How do you prepare yours ? Feel free to leave a comment.
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  1. Witloof met hesp en kaas in den oven, of course! Why don't you try to grow chicory yourself? You can do that in a pot of soil in your basement or any other cool and dark place! All you need is the roots. Look here:


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